Was out for a walk and I saw this little shoe out on the street, the first thing that came to mind when I saw it was the people that are going through hell right now in Ukraine. I thought that there’s a little girl, someone’s daughter that is lost and does not know where their mother or father is because they lost them in a bombing, or likewise a mother or father that does not know where their little girl is because they were separated in a bombing. I’m truly sorry for making a sading post like this however they did not get to choose to wake up one day in the middle of a war or wake up getting a phone call from someone saying their family member is dead. I pray for every family in Ukraine right now and hope this war ends soon and that everything will be okay soon. To Ukraine this photo is dedicated to you I only wish I could have done more for you. To help Ukraine please Donate or share this https://www.rescue.org/article/how-can-i-help-ukraine#:~:text=How%20to%20help%20Ukraine%20Donate%20to%20organizations%20like,IRC%20is%20ready%20and%20preparing%20for%20the%20worst. That is the URL to the International Rescue Committee (IRC)

– Kazito23


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